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and cheered, and balm gardner landed in the eastern new mexico desert and his mother, father and girlfriend also size of relief as well. >> you know, i said before we went to the commercial break he was the fastest man on earth. no, he's not the fastest man in space, he hadn't gotten to earth yet, but this is another key day for other people trying to do something similar. >> ironic twists and smashed the parachute jump record with someone helping with the feat. his project advisor, also coincidentally today marks the 65th anniversary of u.s. test pilot chuck yager becoming the first man to break the sound barrier, but that was aboard an airplane. >> harris: i know, when you see him jump and he's not in anything for the first couple of seconds, i couldn't breathe. >> he made it. >> harris: thanks, anna. the weather cooperated with the historic jump, but in other parts of our nation so potential potentially severe weather is on the move. and in one state, it's required for registration, and critical swing state. how is that playing out 20 days before the election. stay close. [ male announce
. >>> a new mexico dare devil sky diver hoping three is a charm in his next attempt to set a new and dangerous record tomorrow. if the weather cooperates, felix baumgartner will jump from a capsule suspended bay helium filled balloon 23 miles up in the air. the former australian paratrooper wants to break a 1960 high altitude parachuting record and becoming the first sky diver to break the sound barrier. talk about your goals. the jump has been postponed twice because of high winds. meteorologists say tomorrow's forecast is looking good. we will be he watching for that. >>> we now now some 51 million people watched the debate between vice president joe biden and congressman paul ryan and we h heard one of of them talk about a particular family in massachusetts. turns newt family has quite a story to -- turns out that family has quite a story to tell. >> reporter: sitting inside the same home, mitt romney and his family visited 17 years agorgeous the nixon family watched the vice presidential debate and were shocked to hear their names on the national stage. >> cheryl and mark nixon. their kids
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)

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